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Prescribe medicines on the go, anywhere, anytime

iPrescribe is a complete e-prescribing system that runs on your tablet and desktop computer

Designed to make e-prescribing easy to use and efficient.

iPrescribe is a complete e-prescribing application that will save you time and improve clinical workflow efficiency. iPrescribe allows medical professionals to avoid Medicare Incentive Program penalties. iPrescribe is certified for use over the SureScripts® network. It comes pre-loaded with the Medi-span® medication database containing over 31,000 FDA approved and OTC medications in all available strengths and container sizes.

iPrescribe runs on your compatible iPad, Android or desktop browser.

Certified by Surescripts®

iPrescribe is the first and only standalone electronic prescription application for iPads, Android and desktop systems. ! iPrescribe is a complete mobile application that will save time and offers incredible convenience.


  • Great for offices who haven't moved to costly EMR (Electronic Medical Records) systems yet.
  • Access a database of over 31,000 FDA approved prescription medications.
  • Take advantage of the Surescripts® network with access to 86% of pharmacies nationally.
  • Securely transmit your prescriptions to the pharmacy of your patient's choice.
  • Receive electronic refill requests from the pharmacy and grant or deny them with one touch.
  • Write and send e-prescriptions in as few as 4 touches.


  • Transmit and receive electronic prescriptions.
  • iPrescribe is Surescripts® certified for New Prescriptions and Refills.
  • Runs as a browser application on most tablet and desktop computers - access it from anywhere.
  • After writing a prescription you can save the drug and the specific way you prescribe it to your Favorites list for faster future prescribing.
  • Send prescriptions and receive refill notices without annoying and time consuming phone calls and faxes.

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